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Surly New model hubs are medium flange height, forged body single speed hubs.  We don’t make hubs that take gear clusters.  New hubs are available in silver or black.  Most are 32 hole, and many have a 36 hole option.  We’ve got lots of options, as you can see below. 

Choose fronts and rears in disc or non-disc, with single speed freewheel threading or fixed gear and lockring threading, and in some cases one of each thread type.  Most fronts are spaced 100mm, but we also offer a 135mm spaced front for use on our Pugsley and Moonlander forks.  This hub has a 6 bolt rotor mount and no cog threading at all.  Rears come in 120, 130, and 135mm spacing, and we have a good selection of 48 hole hubs for bike polo aficiandos and other people who want lots of spokes.

The fixed cog and freewheel threads are common standard ISO/English (1.37”x24tpi), and lockring threading on the fixies is also a common standard (1.29”x24tpi LH), so most lockrings will work (not Campagnolo).    We of course recommend that you use our lockrings, as they are stout and durable, but regardless we ALWAYS recommend the use of the lockring on a fixed gear. 

New hubs spin on high load, well sealed, adjustable cartridge bearings over standard sized axles (9x1mm front, 10x1mm rear). This is a common size so it’s easy to find replacements should the need arise or to swap axles if, for instance, you have a QR axle and want to go solid. And did you notice we said the bearings are adjustable? That’s an important thing to note: this functionality can be a good friend to you because it allows you to get the most life out of the bearings, but if you don’t adjust them to begin with and periodically thereafter they can wear out prematurely and you’ll be unhappy.  So get ‘em adjusted.  Don’t know how?  That’s o.k. Those folks down at the bike shop know how.  They’ll be happy to help.

Silver 32h 100mm O.L.D.
Black 32h 100mm O.L.D.
Black* 32h 135mm O.L.D.
Silver 36h 100mm O.L.D.
Black 36h 100mm O.L.D.
Black** 48h 100mm O.L.D.
*no threading
**non-disc only

Silver 32h 135mm O.L.D. Free/Free
Black 32h 135mm O.L.D. Free/Free
Silver 32h 135mm O.L.D. Fix/Free
Black 32h 135mm O.L.D. Fix/Free
Silver 36h 135mm O.L.D. Free/Free
Black 36h 135mm O.L.D. Free/Free
Black 48h 135mm O.L.D. Free/Free
Black 48h 135mm O.L.D. Fix/Fix

Silver 32h 135mm O.L.D. Freewheel
Black 32h 135mm O.L.D. Freewheel
Black 32h 135mm O.L.D. Fixed
Silver 36h 135mm O.L.D. Freewheel
Black 32h 135mm O.L.D. Freewheel

Silver 32h 120mm O.L.D. Fix/Fix
Black 32h 120mm O.L.D. Fix/Fix
Silver 32h 120mm O.L.D. Fix/Free
Black 32h 120mm O.L.D. Fix/Free
Silver 36h 120mm O.L.D. Fix/Fix
Black 48h 120mm O.L.D. Fix/Fix
Black 48h 120mm O.L.D. Free/Free

Black 32h 130mm O.L.D. Fix/Free
Silver 32h 130mm O.L.D. Fix/Free

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