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Dirt Wizard 26 x 2.75

Dirt Wizard 26 x 2.75
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Dirt Wizard 26 x 2.75

An aggressive tread focused on traction and control in loose and varied terrain, with beveled leading edge dual row knobs in the center and well-spaced, siped edge knobs to dig into loose corners. Designed to be run on 50mm rims, the 2.75˝ casing inflates about 27.5˝ overall diameter (that’s pert near 650b, folks), meaning you get some benefits of a larger diameter tire like ground approach angle and more footprint, with easier maneuverability of a smaller diameter tire, plus some extra pneumatic cushioning. Minimum rim size for these bad boys is 35mm.

Bead Seat Diameter: 559mm

Casing: 120tpi, with Kevlar bead (850g)
27tpi wire bead (1070g)

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