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Ultra New hubs look much like their predecessors. In fact, the hub shells have not changed at all. They remain 6061-T6 forged and machined aluminum alloy with medium-height flanges. What’s Ultra New about these hubs are their guts.

Ultra New hubs use hollow axles of our own design mated to threadin wheel fixing bolts, as opposed to the nutted axles of our previous hubs. Hollow axles make conversion to quick release super easy (remove bolts, insert QR skewer, install wheel into frame or fork, ride). All Ultra New hubs come with fixing bolts, but all are QR compatible without axle conversion or any other extra crap. Neato. The axles are made of CroMoly steel, while the fixing bolts are 10.9 stainless steel (i.e. high grade) for corrosion resistance, high strength, and good looks, and the bolts tighten and loosen with a 6mm hex wrench.

Bolt caps and ‘cone’ nuts are also stainless steel, and are heavily knurled for good bite, reducing the chance for your wheel to slip in the frame under high load. The cones and dust caps interlock to maintain axle stiffness. Ultra New hubs spin on non-adjustable 6901 model bearings. Throw your wheel on the bike, tighten the bolts and ride.

One other thing you might like to know: All the Ultra New hardware will retrofit to New hubs. That is, we sell kits to completely transform your old New hubs into Ultra New hubs, complete with new axle, bolts, bearings, and the rest of the Ultra New hardware. Find the right kit for your New hub, install, and go.

Silver 32h 100mm O.L.D.
Black 32h 100mm O.L.D.
Silver* 32h 135mm O.L.D.
Black* 32h 135mm O.L.D.
Silver 36h 100mm O.L.D.
Black 36h 100mm O.L.D.
Black** 48h 100mm O.L.D.
*no threading
**non-disc only

Silver 32h 135mm O.L.D. Free/Free
Black 32h 135mm O.L.D. Free/Free
Silver 32h 135mm O.L.D. Fix/Free
Black 32h 135mm O.L.D. Fix/Free
Silver 36h 135mm O.L.D. Free/Free
Black 36h 135mm O.L.D. Free/Free
Black 48h 135mm O.L.D. Free/Free
Black 48h 135mm O.L.D. Fix/Fix

Silver 32h 135mm O.L.D. Freewheel
Black 32h 135mm O.L.D. Freewheel
Silver 32h 135mm O.L.D. Fixed
Black 32h 135mm O.L.D. Fixed
Silver 36h 135mm O.L.D. Freewheel
Black 32h 135mm O.L.D. Freewheel

Silver 32h 120mm O.L.D. Fix/Fix
Black 32h 120mm O.L.D. Fix/Fix
Silver 32h 120mm O.L.D. Fix/Free
Black 32h 120mm O.L.D. Fix/Free
Silver 36h 120mm O.L.D. Fix/Fix
Black 48h 120mm O.L.D. Fix/Fix
Black 48h 120mm O.L.D. Free/Free

Black 32h 130mm O.L.D. Fix/Free
Silver 32h 130mm O.L.D. Fix/Free

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