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Knard 29 x 3

Knard 29 x 3
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Knard 29 x 3

This is our popular, fast rolling Knard tread applied to a 29+ casing. What’s 29+? It’s a tire meant for rims with a bead seat diameter of 622mm (29˝), but large volume and ideally shaped when used on a very wide rims. In this case Knard is a 3˝ tire designed for 50mm rims. The larger diameter smooths rolling over rough ground, the increased volume adds a bit of suspension and float, the width increases traction, and the sheer size holds speed well. The profile is round and tracks well cornering and off-camber, and will remain effective on rims as narrow as 35mm. The closely spaced low-block tread grips well on multiple surface types but is most at home on dry rock and packed dirt. 27tpi and 120tpi casings available.

Bead Seat Diameter: 622mm
(note: designed for 50mm wide rims. Requires minimum of 35mm wide rim to safely engage bead hook)

Casing: 120tpi with Kevlar bead (980g)
27tpi with wire bead (1240g)

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  • 120tpi

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