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Rabbit Hole 29+

Rabbit Hole 29+
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Rabbit Hole 29+

50mm wide, and technically a single wall with internal tubes to buttress it, the Rabbit Hole is designed in conjunction with our Knard 29 x 3˝ tire and Krampus frame to provide a wide, stable footprint that walks the line between the traction and float of fat bike rims and the speed and even greater obstacle crushing approach angle of 29ers. Its weight is more than a standard 29er rim but less than a fat bike rim, so there you go. It’s made of high quality 6061-T6 aluminum with a welded seam, and comes to you round and true because that’s part of what makes strong wheels. The Rabbit Hole will also spread 2.3–2.4˝ tires, but your frame needs to have enough space. Available in the same 64 dual row spoke holes as our other rims with weight-shaving cut-outs.

Wheel Size: 29

Hub Compatibility: 32h hubs

ETRTO*: 622mm

Weight: 699g

Color: Black anodized or polished silver

*Tire bead seat diameter.

Wheel, Rim, and Tire Instructions

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  • Anodized Bronze

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  • Black

  • Polished Silver

  • 29"