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Troll Fork

Troll Fork
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Troll Fork

The Troll fork is just like the one that comes with our new Troll frame, a 26˝ wheeled fully geared utility bruiser and cruiser. Like all our forks, it’s constructed of CroMoly steel. It sports removable rim brake pivots as well as a 51mm disc caliper mount. Unlike our other forks it’s designed to accept a rack while using a disc brake, via through-blade threaded mounts in two places on each fork blade, and it’s even got fender eyelets. Check before you order. Steerer is 1-1/8˝ threadless.

Non-Suspension Corrected

Axle-to-crown: 420mm
Offset: 43mm
Steerer: 310mm
Tire Clearance: 26 x 3.0˝
Weight: 3.1 lb (1.4kg) uncut

Surly Fork Spec

Non-suspension Corrected Troll Fork Instructions
Rack Fit Guide

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  • Non-Suspension Corected

  • Pea Lime Pie Soup

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