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Pugsley Fork Offset

Pugsley Fork Offset

Pugsley Fork Offset

This fork will accept 26˝ tires up to 3.8˝ with plenty of clearance, even using rims as wide as 82mm. It requires a wheel built offset to match the Pugsely frame (17.5mm). Since the hub spacing is 135mm (mountain rear) this is a useful feature, especially in remote places and extreme temperatures or conditions. Should your freehub seize due to cold, invasive grit or other reasons, you can swap wheels and keep moving. Internally butted tapered straight legs. 51mm I.S. disc brake caliper mount uses standard front adapter. Chrome, Molly. Available in Canvas Green, Real Blew, and Blaque, Jacques.

Axle-To-Crown: 447mm
Offset: 43mm
Steerer: 260mm 1-1/8˝ straight
Tire Clearance: 26 x 3.8˝ (on rims up to 82mm wide)

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