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Long Haul Trucker Fork

Long Haul Trucker Fork
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Long Haul Trucker Fork

The Long Haul Trucker fork is designed to mount racks and fenders and to haul stuff. Offered in 26˝ and 700c wheel sizes, the fork’s new crown provides ample clearance for 26 x 2.1˝ or 700c x 50mm tires, and sports threaded eyelets in four locations (dual dropout, midblade and fork crown) to provide more options for mounting stuff, from racks to whatever. Options galore. Curved blades, CroMoly steel. 1-1/8˝ threadless steer tube, black powdercoat finish.

Options: 26˝ and 700c
Axle-to-crown: 26˝ = 376mm; 700c = 390mm
Offset: 45mm
Steerer: 26˝ (42–54cm frames) = 300mm
26˝ (56–62cm frames) = 400mm
700c (56–64cm frames) = 350mm
Tire Clearance: 26 x 2.1˝ or 700c x 45mm
Weight: 26˝ = 2.1 lb (0.97kg) uncut
700c = 2.3 lb uncut

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  • 26in

  • 700c

  • Black

  • Blue Suit of Leisure