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Knard 27.5 x 3

Knard 27.5 x 3
https://surlybikes.com/uploads/parts/TR0803-02_640x480.jpg https://surlybikes.com/uploads/parts/TR0803-01_640x480.jpg https://surlybikes.com/uploads/parts/TR0803_640x480.jpg

Knard 27.5 x 3

Behold: the 27.5+ version of our popular, fast-rolling Knard tread pattern (bet you didn’t see that coming!) Coming in at a hearty 27.5 x 3”, it’s designed for 35–50mm rims with a bead seat diameter of 584mm (27.5˝). The 3˝ casing rolls out to 29” when inflated. That gives you all the benefits of a 29er like more ground clearance and the increased ability to roll over obstacles better with a slightly wider footprint and some extra cush. The closely spaced low-blocks of the Knard tread grips well on multiple surface types but is most at home on dry rock and packed dirt.

Bead Seat Diameter: 584mm
Rim Width: 35mm – 50mm outer dimensions
Casing: 60tpi, tubeless-ready bead

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