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Big Dummy Frame Insert

Big Dummy Frame Insert

Big Dummy Frame Insert

This item serves a few purposes. 1) It protects the exposed rear-most horizontal tube of our Big Dummy frame from dents, dents which would disallow the use of Wideloader horizontal racks. 2) It reshapes the same tubes. The insert is tapered. If you have a dented tube, insert the nose of the plug and tap it into place with a mallet. The frame tube will coldset back to round. Hey presto! 3) The plug is actually two plugs, a left and right side connected by a threaded rod. This threaded rod can be used to hold some kinds of trailer brackets. Got a Big Dummy but still tow your kids in a trailer? This is your solution.

  • Note: Big Dummy Frame insert will be all silver or a black and silver mix depending on production run.