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Clown Shoe Wheel

Clown Shoe Wheel
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Clown Shoe Wheel

At 100mm wide, our Clown Shoe rims only fit frames with insane amounts of clearance. We offer several wheels built with Clown Shoes. There are two rear hub options, a DT 340 and a Shimano XT. Both are offset 28mm to fit Moonlander frames. There is also a front wheel made with our front-specific Ultra New disc hub, with zero offset to fit symmetric forks. All three hubs are spaced 135mm, and all our wheels are built with DT Swiss spokes and are hand built.

Clown Shoe
Rear (135):
XT Disc, 28 offset
DT 340 Disc, 28 offset
Ultra New 135 Disc, no offset

Wheel, Rim, and Tire Instructions