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Rear Disc Rack

Rear Disc Rack
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Rear Disc Rack

Our burly line of tubular CroMoly steel racks have been used on expeditions all over this planet for years. Until recently, the rear variety wasn’t compatible with any of our frames with seatstay-mounted disc brakes though. This rack here changes that.

The racks are available in two versions, standard and wide. Both feature the same stainless-steel mounting hardware (handily housed in a reusable Surly Tool Bag) but feature different widths to work with various tire sizes. They’re both height adjustable and can fit a wide selection of wheel sizes, while allowing you to keep the center of gravity as low as possible for a stable ride.

Standard version is designed to fit:

Karate Monkey

Wide version is designed to fit:

Ice-cream Truck

*NOTE: The following "RK" part numbers will not be compatible with the new Rear Disc Racks:

  • RK0131
  • RK0121
  • RK0134

Additional spec:
Color: Black
Surly Rear Rack will haul up to 30kg (66 lb) of well-secured, well-balanced gear over roadways and maintained off-road trails.

Standard Rear Rack specifications:
Tubing diameter: 10mm
Platform dimensions: 350 x 150mm
Weight: 1606g

Wide Rear Rack specifications:
Tubing diameter: 10mm
Platform dimensions: 350 x 200mm
Weight: 1699g

Rear Disc Rack Instructions

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  • Standard

  • Wide