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Where can I test ride a Big Dummy or a Pugsley (or a)?

This is a tough one. There are not tons of shops that carry these particular models on the sales floor. Time was, this was true of all of our bike models - in fact, we used to just sell framesets and finding those built into a bike was nigh impossible. Now, we have a pretty good smattering of bike shops that carry some of our bikes in stock. They tend to be the Long Haul Trucker touring bike, the Cross-check cyclocross bike, and the Steamroller. As time goes on, we'll have more that carry the weirder stuff, but for now, you may be buying sight unseen. I know this might make you a bit nervous, but a good bike shop can talk you down off of that ledge and get you the proper size. You can also rest easy knowing that literally thousands of humans have purchased our bikes or frames via special order from the bike shop - and lived happily ever after. We think you'll like the way they all ride because we like the way they all ride. Don't know where to go? Try our handy-dandy-sweet-as-candy Dealer Locator: https://surlybikes.com/dealers/dealer_locator/