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Do you have touch-up paint?

No. Our frames are powder coated, which is akin to glazing pottery in that a colored powder is applied to the metal and then baked at low temperature. So there's no real liquid involved. We use powder coat for several reasons: it is less expensive than wet paints, it produces a durable finish, and since it excludes many of the chemicals required for wet paint it is environmentally friendlier than wet paints. In our experience touch-up never really looks that good anyway. Most scratches do not significantly rust or corrode since they're on the outside of the frame, plus in our world scratches on your frame are a badge of honor, signifying that you actually use this thing. If you really feel the need to touch up scratches we recommend some model or automotive touchup paint, or even nail polish. We can supply the RAL color code for most of our stock colors if you need it.