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Can I fit your racks on my Pugsley or Moonlander?

Our rear rack will fit on a Pugsley/Moonlander, though it will sit slightly off-center due to the frame's offset design , and it sits a bit higher than normal since the mounts are part of the way up the seat stays rather than right at the dropouts like usual (this is to allow disc brake clearance). This is not something that will greatly affect the performance of the rack, but if you notice it try playing around with how you have your weight distributed on the rack until it feels "normal". Isn't that what we all want: To feel "normal?" Well, not all of us. Front racks are a whole other thing, and while it is possible to make many racks work, all require some sort of modification. What kinds of modifications, you ask? Google "front racks on Moonlander/Pugsleys" and see what turns up. The bottom line is that at this time the only 'unpack and mount' Moonlander/Pugsley front racks are custom made.