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Wool Scarf

Wool Scarf
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Wool Scarf

Our wool scarf is a lot like our neck gaiter. It’s wool, it’s versatile, but instead of it being a closed loop of wool fabric designed to keep the warm air close to you and the cold air far, far away; it is an open, rectangular band of wool fabric that will swaddle your neck and face in place of a beard to perform the same warming function. It’s stripey and nice and comes in a variety of colors. 

Another nice thing about the Surly Wool Scarf is that we source the wool from remnants of other products, that would normally be thrown away. There is nothing we hate more than perfectly good wool being tossed in the trash heap. So in short, you can give something extra life, and keep your face and neck warm at the same time. 

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  • One Size

  • Blue/Gray

  • Blue/Navy

  • Gray

  • Gray/Orange