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Tall Socks

Tall Socks

Tall Socks

We have tall socks.   Just like our other socks they're a Merino wool blend, which provides great moisture control, insulates well, and doesn't itch like your grandparents wool.  Wool is antimicrobial too, so these socks don't build up stink the way socks made from other fabrics do. 

They're thicker than our other socks though.  Warm.  Comfy.  And they're tall, about knee high, so they're good with boots and overlap nicely with halfpants for cool and cold weather riding.  And since they're tall you can be all like yeah I was a cheerleader, what of it bitch?  I'm like David Lee Roth.  I can kick you in the face.  What do mean Who the f*ck is David Lee Roth?  Oh yeah?  That's not what your mom said last night!  Middle age washout?!  Who are you calling a middle aged washout?  Hey!  Where are you going?  Can't take the heat?  Why don't you come back and say that to my face, huh? 

They are offered in two designs: regular logo style and double stripes with a logo on the toe only.