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Sweet dreams are made of 650b’s

Owner Name: Nat

Location: Minneapolis

Surly Model: Straggler


This bike changed my life. Before this 650b Straggler entered my stable, I thought the future would be pinching pennies to save up for custom frames until the day I died. THIS bike gave me hope and made me understand how other people felt to throw a leg over a top tube and just ride, COMFORTABLY, on a stock build and frame (at 5'0” with a 29.75" inseam this is no small feat). Sparklepony has been in the basement for months but today we were reunited. Despite a stiff headwind, I was transported back to that first day I hopped on, all of the joy and elation it first brought me came rushing back as I glided into to work today. Thanks to Surly for keeping that joy alive.