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Sconser, Isle of Skye

Owner Name: Jennifer

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Surly Model: Pacer


Almost everything is stock except the pink snot rag; the only thing I've ever put in the bottle holder is an iced coffee. The bike and I live in Brooklyn but the picture is on an island in the Scottish highlands. (That pile of fur checking it out is a highland cow.) We bomb around the boroughs and into midtown Manhattan to work every day. We've been to three countries and counting -- I just take it apart, put the pieces in a suitcase, and go. I love it to bits -- it's the machine that taught me how much fun it is to ride. I wasn't into riding at all when I bought it -- I was dating a guy who was. The bike outlasted him, by a long shot. You can make your own joke about the Surly being stiffer or more fun to climb on. I agree. grin