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Karate Monkey

Inversion sumbersion

Owner Name: Rob Huguez

Location: Boise, ID

Surly Model: Karate Monkey


Every winter Boise, ID is socked in a thick inversion that stays for weeks and sometimes months. The landscape was transformed from the verdant green and golden-yellow hills to shades of grey and is dusted with a layer of frost. After several weeks of monochromatic clouds, I was craving sun rays desperately. I thought the best way to break out of the inversion was to bikepack through it. The trails were frozen solid, which made the journey more pleasant. I finally broke through the top inversion layer after an hour-and-a-half of pedaling and pushing my bike through ice, snow and mud. I still had another two hours before I was going to get to my camp site at treeline. Best night of sleep. Ever.