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  • Oak City Cycling Project

    A Weekend at Surly’s!

    You, you and you. You, that person standing in the corner. Your buddy Jimbo too.
    Jul 20th – Jul 21st
    Oak City Cycling Project
    Raleigh, North Carolina

    Remember Weekend at Bernie's? No, oh well, I do. This will be like that, but no one dies. (Hopefully) and it won't be in the tropics. (but there may be dancing) So really nothing like weekend at Bernie's, except for that it is a weekend so we have that going for us.

    Surly Bikes and The 2018 Best Bike Shop in Wake County, Oak City Cycling Project, team up for a weekend of demos, rides and typical shenanigans. We'll be pulling into Raleigh with Steel Force One packed with Krampus, Karate Monkey, and Bridge Club for an Urban roll/party on Friday, July 20th, and a legit trail side demo the following morning.

    Meet at the shop at 6 roll out at 7pm on Friday for an all inclusive, casual no drop social ride. Want to ride a Surly? We'll have one for you. Don't want to ride a Surly but still want to attend the ride? That's cool too, bring your own bike.
    Bring lights, locks, and water as we never no where we'll end up. We never do, do we? (Actually we do, we'll end at the shop)

    Details on the trail demo are to come, but it will be 10 AM to 2 PM at a location near you. Check back for more details in the near future.

    Until then, stay Cheeki Breeki.

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  • The Spoke Easy

    Spoke Easy/Surly Urban Ass-ault II

    I Summon thee... CHAMPIONS OF STEEL!!
    Jul 21st
    The Spoke Easy
    Charlotte, North Carolina

    We're teaming up with The Spoke Easy once again to bring you an evening of chuckles, big tires, and some of our superior steel from the North. Last time, we frolicked around the city, turned some rubber, turned some pedals, and turned a few heads.

    This time will be similar. Show up around 6, ride departs at 7. This is meant as an all inclusive social roll around Charlotte. There may be some shenanigans, there maybe a skid contest, there maybe a goon in a Jason mask...

    Regardless, it'll be fun.

    Bring helmet/light/locks and an ID if you want to demo a Surly. Speaking of which, we'll have Steel Force One packed with Krampus, Karate Monkey, and Bridge Club for your demo needs. Don't want to demo a Surly, but are fond of a good time? COME RIDE ANYWAYS! This is all inclusive. Tell your friends, be a rockstar.

    The ride will depart from, and end at The Spoke Easy.

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