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Tinker, Tinker, Tinker Not a Drop to Drink

You Like to Tinker?

I do. I love to tinker around with my bikes. I love to build them up, ride them around for a bit and then take them apart and put them back together in new and weird and wonderful ways and start all over.

Though I love to do it, it pains me to admit that I am not really an expert. I don’t do it professionally; I mess with shit in my basement. That means that sometimes I have to swallow my pride and ask a professional for help.

Why am I telling you all this? It’s because I believe I am not alone in this. I believe there are lots of folks out there who mess around with shit in their basement or garage and love to tinker.

Obviously I think that’s great. The only time it becomes less than great is when things get dangerous. It’s when people are unwilling to ask for help. There are some things, some parts, some bikes that need to be taken to the doctor. You can give them all the home-remedies that you can think of, but if in the end you deny them the professional attention they need, they could die.

Last week I read a story about a guy who had a sinus infection. He was sure it was just a cold, so he never went to the doctor. The infection spread to his eyes, and now he’s blind in the left one. That sucks. It totally sucks.

I don’t want my bike to die; I don’t really want anyone’s bike to die. Bikes are awesome and precious. But sometimes those bikes need/demand attention from a professional to help them stay in the game. Maybe it’s just advice or a consultation that’s needed; maybe it’s full on surgery. Pay attention to your bike, listen to it, and if you need help, ask for it.

It’s a small price to pay. Hopefully.

Here's the bike I just can't stop messing about with. I'm about to build my third wheelset for it. (well have someone build for me, I suck at wheels)

Tinker on!

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