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Surly customer service, again

For those of you that read my last blog post about Surly CS and understood it for what it was, another failed attempt at humor, then you need to read no further. For those of you that didn’t get it and sent hate mail to my boss telling him to fire me, well, I’m here to tell you that I’ve intercepted those emails and they’ve been deleted with the rest of the email we got in over the weekend. I cannot be stopped!

Did you really think we’d delete all of the emails we get in over the weekend? That’s just a fantasy we all share here. We answer every email we get; it may just take some time before you hear back from us. You may not like that answer but at least you’ll get one.

Go ahead and ask for free stickers any day of the week, I don’t care.

Please tell us all the great ideas you have about how we can improve our products. I was especially fond of the whole using a “chain saw blade attached to the cog to power the 1,000,000 candle power light” idea. That was 25 minutes of my life well spent.

We know that time is a precious commodity. If you feel the need to call us and chat about the gnarly single track that you just shredded while you’re on your lunch break, please feel free to do so. We don’t have anything better to do.

Email works better for me than voicemail. Just sayin bro.

I DO understand that our website can be a bit “challenging” at times to navigate. If you can’t find something please don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

You might be surprised at the volume of requests we get for sponsorship. What we’d like you to do is email us a detailed plan. We’d like to know what you’d like from us, what you plan on doing with it, and what we can get from it in return.

We read “the forums” just as much as you do-we’re a bunch or bike nerds just like you are. Very rarely have we felt the need to reply to any form of trash talking about Surly on those forums. Those types of things have a tendency to work themselves out on their own.

I’ve got nothing against Rohloff at all with all of their geary thingys and what nots working their internal magiks. They scare me, but they’re pretty damn cool. If I could afford one, I’d ride one.

We’re not going to swear or yell at you over the phone. We’ll wait until we’ve hung up.

Honestly, we take customer service here pretty seriously. We give a shit about the products we make and we’ve always stood behind them. We play fair and we’d like to believe that we’re more honest and open than most of the other bike companies out there. We care what you think about our bikes and we do listen to the feedback we get about them. We dig you and we can’t thank you enough for riding our bikes. Most of us have worked at bike shops and we understand what that can be like. We’ve also been consumers from time to time and we’ve all got our fair share of shitty customer service experiences. I hope that Surly is never in one of your customer service horror stories. If you ever have a problem or a concern about anything that has “Surly” on it please let us know.

No one told me, or asked me to write this. Sometimes my sense of humor is not always recognized for what it is. I don’t care if I offended you. What I do care about is Surly and I don’t want any one of you to get the wrong idea. You people make Surly it what it is. Sometimes it’s a drunken train wreck and sometimes it’s a well lubricated machine but most of the time it’s somewhere in-between. If I did offend you, get over it.

One last thing; I know you wouldn’t forget to vote. After all it’s your sacred right, right? So don’t be an asshole and vote! Surly loves you.

Can I go home now?


Views and opinions expressed here are not necessarily the views and opinions of Surly Bikes. These are just the views and opinions of just one asshat who has nothing better to do than delete your emails and voicemails because he’s fired up on grandpas cough medicine. Deal with it.

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Bob is at heart a nice guy, a fact he tries hard to dispel by riding a Harley (and dressing like it), and by hunting deer, turkey, and others of God’s magnificent creatures, which he then eats because that is how you do that. He enforces Surly’s use of social media, which is not as funny as it may sound since many people in this group truly hate the very idea of social media.

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