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Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

It’s that time of year (ok, in 6 weeks)  when mom and dad (QBP) throw their winter mixer (Frostbike) for all the friends and relatives and colleagues and various political leaders (awesome dealers and LBS’s). Of course they want us there. What kind of proud parent wouldn’t want their greasy teenager at their party?

To that end, it’s always fun for the greasy teenager (us) to get up and dance infront of mom and pop’s closest friends and business associates, so dance we will. But not in a literal get up and dance sort of way (though who knows how much booze we can sneak while the grown-ups have their backs turned) but we shall dance in a “here’s something new and cool that we’ve been working on” sort of way. Follow me?  No? Really? Dammit!

I’ll try this.

At Frostbike, folks will get an in person look at a couple of new products that we’re going to be releasing soon (trickling in over the next few weeks, and into the year beyond that too.)  The first is:

Right side view green Surly Moonlander fat bike, parked against a pallet of cardboard boxes, on a concrete floor

Moonlander Special Ops.

Close up, right side view of the drive train on a green Surly Moonlander bike

This Moonlnader comes with SRAM 1x11 (X1) drivetrain, guide brakes, Surly OD crank, and  the next new thing we’ve got to show off at the party:

Close up, right side view of the crank and chainring of a green Surly Moonlander bike

Close up, downward view of the crank and chainring of a green Surly Moonlander bike

Our officially (X-Sync) licensed, narrow-wide stainless chainring (and a new chain-guard to boot). The ring on this rig is a 28t 58mm BCD, with a 94mm BCD guard.

Engineering, black and white drawing of a Surly X-Sync Narrow-Wide chainring

Engineering, black and white drawing of the chain-guard for a Surly X-Sync Narrow-Wide chainring

The complete Moonies will be available by Frostbike (unless the dock workers strike continues forever) for purchase, though with less than 150 coming domestically, get them while they’re hot.  There are also a small number that are available right now internationally. Check with your local dealers and have them connect with their Surly distributor to find availability near you.

The chainrings will be available aftermarket by the end of this calendar year.  It could take a while, we had a small batch rushed to get them on these bikes, and the rest will (as new product is sometimes likely to do) take the time they take. Once we have them in stock we will update you, and for those dealers out there with “item watch” on the rings and guards should be live now (the bikes too).

Here is the video that inspired the whole thing!