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Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

Now that the din of Christmas carols has largely ebbed from our collective conscious, it's time to talk about some serious matters. Either that, or we can discuss what follows.

We have some more Moonlander complete rigs ready to go as of late last week. There are still a few left as I type this. Thanks for your patience if you've been waiting for one.

We also received some Clownshoe 100mm rims to compliment the Moonlander framesets that are available. So, if you've been staring at the glittery blackness of a Moonlander frame, but don't have the hoops to build it, now's your time to act.

Along this same vein, the Marge Lite rims came in too. There are just a few left. 65mm of drilled out, single wall, lightweight roundness for your Pugsley or similar fat-type bicycle.

In other news, I just received a notice from my state gubmint that I owe sales tax on a bathtub, sink, terlet, and fixtures that I ordered from an out-of-state establishment... three years ago. Big Brother is all up in my porcelain. Creepy.

Turning back to bicycles, as many of you in the Midwest have noticed, there is no snow. In fact, it's been 45 degrees around these parts lately and it's starting to freak some of us out. I've narrowed the causes down to a couple of possibilities for you to discuss around the water cooler or beer fridge or S&M dungeon - whichever you have at work. My theories are as follows:

1. Snow is refusing to fall until the elections are over.

2. Johnny took the Cold Miser out for "a few" over the holidays and now he's lost most frontal lobe function. 

3. God hates sleds.

4. The Mayan calendar is so tired of people treating it like the Farmer's Almanac that it's actually decided to end the world.

5. Merlin's Order of Meteorologists has decreed that it should be so.

The sheer lack of snow may also impact the very busy Fat-style Bicycle event calendar which can be found on the internet web-shack run by our man Gomez. You should make it a point to get to one or all of these. Even if they are cancelled due to the lack of snow, you should still show up and demand hot chocolate... or a Mai Tai.

Thanks for reading - and on a MONDAY even. You're doing great.