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Hi I’m Phil and I’m a breeder. Some of you may be breeders too and you may relate to my dilemma. If you aren’t a breeder, don’t tune out because someday you may also succumb to the natural laws of nature to breed and the information you gleam from this post may prove beneficial in your future endeavors…

My daughter, like most kids her age, very much likes to read books and listen to bedtime stories. Well, I have found that these stories were initially a fond reminder to my personal days of yore but after like the 500th time through Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Bambi, etc….the stories became a little dull and mind numbing to continue each and every night. So, using the interwebs, I sought out ways to make the evening ritual a little more interesting and found that the kiddo thoroughly enjoyed what I found. The first time I read the Pee Little Thrigs she laughed through the entire story. So, if you have this same nighttime ritual, I suggest giving this a try…Archie Campbell tells it the best but you can make it up on the fly. Enjoy and goodnight.


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Jim purchases from our suppliers and organizes the data which comprise the skeleton of our business. This is in no way an easy job, but despite this he manages not to have a heart attack on a near daily basis, and in his role at this particular organization that’s on par with Keith Richards or Louie Anderson. In his free time Jim enjoys American civil war re-enactments, combing his beard for fleas and many other fine outdoor activities.

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