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So the new catalog is out now and available for dealers to order through our distributor/owner/parent/jailor/loving caregiver QBP.  The catalog is, alas, probably already out of date and behind the times, but the website is up, updated and the closest thing to absolute accuracy reflecting the Surly line.

This year we’ve got a few new cool things up our sleeves.  No surprise is the Ice Cream Truck and the Ice Cream Truck Ops, we let that out of the bag long ago.

We have two new frame-sets in the mix this year, both of which I’m pretty excited about. The Travelers Check is back, so all of you who missed it the first time around will be able to score one of those late fall, or early winter (or possibly late winter or early spring, maybe next summer, soon I guess is what I’m trying to say.)

Surly Travelers Check bike frame - white - right side view - faded white background with a

A second coupled frame will be offered this model year (after the actual new year, in the real 2015 as apposed to the 2015 that we all exist in the in the months leading up to that actual new year, where we see all kinds of products from the not too distant future. 

The World Troller is our coupled off-road touring machine, so now you’ll be able to make it even smaller for traveling and convenience on the road. I feel like this is the bike I’ve been waiting my whole life for, but to be honest, I probably say that about half the new bikes we put out.  So what the fuck to I know.

Surly World Troll bike frame - white - right side view - faded white background with a

The big news is the Straggler 650b.

Surly Straggler 650b bike - purple - right side view - faded white background with a

We did this for much the same reason we did the 26” trucker. For smaller sized riders, the smaller wheel size offers less of the hassle (toe overlap, standover clearance, etc) of the larger 700c size. This also allows us to offer this in the smallest size Surly yet, a 38cm frame.  The build kit is pretty much right in line with the 700c version, we will offer completes in 38-52cm and frames all the way up to 58cm. The original thought was we would only offer these in the smaller sizes, but those of us in the brand that test road the prototypes (large and small) loved the ride feel of the bike so much, we wanted to make sure it was available for larger riders as well (for us really, but from our selfishness you may benefit if this is the kind of thing that your rocks are gotten off upon). 

With the 650b Straggler also comes the 650b x 41 Knard.  Same awesome tire, now in yet another size.  You’ll know that we’ve all started riding Bromptons the year we come out with a 16” Knard. 

We are once again claiming that we’re going to release a 29x3” Dirt Wizard, but you know what they say about the hat full of yogurt in my locker.

“It started out as milk, and well, time makes fools of us all.”

Peruse the site for all the questions you may have, and then if you can’t find them (or if you just plain miss them) call or write and we’ll do what we can for you.

Until then, get a ridin’.