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Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

I received today via electronic mail two pictures from one of Surly’s long time field agents Christopher J. “Bama” Milucky.  Viz:

While they appear to depict Bama's awesome new Pugsley/Moonlander frame bag (more information about which may be explored here), you may also note that upon installation of the frame bag, and thereafter the installation of beer into the framebag and presumably into his belly, Bama 'Dr. Jekylls' from a comely young lady to the wild eyed beast you see in the bottom photo.  Yikes. And yet, that seems like something that could make you seem more interesting.  I therefore encourage you to pick up a framebag and perhaps some beer and see what happens.

Bama and his lovely and much more level headed better half Tanesha have recently scored the sort of gig a lot of bike dorks would seriously consider murder to access.  They will be driving a fleet of demo bikes all over the U.S. of A. for Santa Cruz this summer, meeting people, riding the best places, hanging out and partying, and seeing the sights along the way.  Good on ya.  This one's for you two: