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At Surly, we like it when people buy our frames and then use the frame he or she just purchased to build the bike of his or her dreams. When most people look at a bike, they just see a dumb bike. No big deal. But when you get a frame and build it up all special – just the way you want it – you'll see something more than just a dumb bike. You'll see a bike that is a reflection of you. It will represent all of the usual excellent stuff a bike represents like efficiency, fun, transportation, a way to escape that which bums you out, plus it's something YOU built. It's your knowledge. It's you, who curated the swamp ass in your non-climate-controlled garage, to build it. It's your knowledge that laced the wheels, your knowledge that put the fork on backwards, then put the fork on the right way. It's your aesthetic, the stuff you like the most. Doesn't that sound great?! Well, now you can do it all for less because we've got some more deals we're throwing your way. All you have to do is talk to your local bike shop (USA dealers only, sorry but that's where our main stock is).





We're running more specials on some of our frames, and you might be interested. We have Moonlander, Pugsley, ECR, Krampus, Ice Cream Truck and Instigator frames still available, and they come with a free pair of rims with the frame. Moonlanders, Ice Cream Truck, and Pugs will come with a pair of black Rolling Darryls, and ECR, and Krampus frames will ship with a pair of black Rabbit Hole rims. Instigator frames will ship with Rabbit Hole rims, and we'll also toss rim strips and a pair of Dirt Wizard tires in the box too. Don't delay folks. We're running out of these frames, but there's still a few stragglers (metaphorical stragglers, not the bikes).

Head to your local bike shop and ask them to hook you up. That's what they're there for.

EDIT: USA dealers only, sorry but that's where our main stock is.

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Customer service in the world of bicycles never had a better friend than it has in Ben. Highly knowledgeable about bikes and wise to the ways of humans, Ben is first contact for seekers of free things, advertising sales people, assorted weirdos and customers. But even more important, on group rides he sometimes pulls out of his bag a bundle of cold fried chicken wrapped in foil. To share! Now that’s something.

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