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F%*K it, Let’s Go Ride Bikes

Fuck it, let’s go ride bikes.

Hey friends, Greggers here.

The dirty south is really…ummm? Southern? This ain’t no Minneapolis-bike-love-hipster-bullshit. Almost No Bike Lanes, Too Much Spandex, and a Shit Load of Trails.
I guess it could be worse… and there’s this.

Been super bored for some reason. “Working” and driving too much. I’m privileged beatnik these days, stone-cold rep’n.

Met some rad dudes last week went here. WEIRD.AWESOME.COM/WTF

Saw this guy

And some of these guys

and this dude…

Sanity? It’s getting tough to come by these days. What’s a boy to do?

Fuck it, let’s go ride bikes.

Been schleppin’ my Troll through the city. Well…cities, plural. It the best way to get a taste of what’s crackin’.

You’re next.

Got the blues? Here is my advice.

Ditch work. Remove telephone from ear hole. Pack Beers. Eat Candy. Pedal.



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