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Some of you may remember a bicycle part we used to make called the ‘Torsion Bar.’ It was a handlebar and boy was it nice. It was a bit of an oddity back then in that it was made of steel, wide for its time and had a hand-friendly 15 degree sweep. It was a great bar in the dive bar sense: if it was your thing, it was the only thing like it around and you were lucky to have found it.

Now, handlebars have bigger clamp diameters and widths that dwarf the once-considered-wide Torsion Bar. Ok, that’s cool. So we made what we would like to call the Cheater Bar.

The Cheater Bar is our update to the old Torsion Bar design. It’s triple butted, comes in black, ED coated or silver, clear coated and has a comfy 11 degree backsweep. This bar has exaggerated contours but they are by no means over the top. It measures out to 780mm width (there are marks to cut it down if you want). It’s made from 4130 CroMoly steel and weighs 427g uncut so it’s not something you need to worry about breaking. If this handlebar were any cooler it would be a giant sword. They feel good on any kind of bike and can take abuse. They're in stock at QBP, thus yer local bike shop. They go for 80 bucks. Good price!






It’s so new that the only decent photo of it is from our Q-stributor's website. The samples were scarce and hard to photograph…. I think the people that tested them liked them a lot. I tried to take a good photo of the thing on my bike but the bar is so wide it would have given away other surprises you'll be seeing from us later around Interbike time.