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I admit to being not much of an early adopter with bicycle technology. “Gull dern it! That old stuff worked just dandy! Why do things have to change?” It’s a common lament in lots of different walks of life, really. Some people really dig manual transmissions and naturally aspirated engines. Some people like politicians who stick to policy and have a general respect for the other side. Who can blame them?

Over the years, I have come to realize that a blind faith in the current technologies, however, is not always constructive. The list of bicycle advancements that have been really good things is long: threadless headsets (woe is my 35/36mm Park HCW10), indexed shifting (yes, I’m that old), 31.8mm handlebars (yep, said it.)

Still, some things that are a bit older are also cool as a pair of worn-in Carhartts. Just look at frame geometries. I can’t get enough of our newest mountain bikes – the Krampus makes me feel like a friggin superstar – but I also really like some of our older stuff. My Chocolate Squirrel Karate Monkey is an old buddy that never lets me down. I like the uprightitude and grouchy vibe it lays down on me.

All of this leads me to today’s topic – Pugsley and Moonlander frames. So, we’ve put the remainder of the classic (can a fat bike frame be classic? Sure) Pug and Moonie frames on closeout so that they can find homes other than Mom and Dad’s warehouse. Both of these models will very likely be seen again in some iteration, but changes are to be made. What those are exactly have yet to be worked out (as far as you know), but they will be different.

The closeout is a U.S. market thing only.

Now is the time for you to act if you dig on the older ways – the tried and true – the “more modern than bull moose bars, but less modern than Eagle.” Most of these come with a set of Rolling Darryl rims on the side like so many tasty onion rings with your value basket. We even have a couple of the green and yeller Moonlander Ops frames that may or may not emulate a certain tractor company's color choices.

Get ‘em while they’re cool. Build up something rad. Do it with the parts in your basement. Now is the time, friends. Keep the faith.

Surly Pugsley bike frame - green - right profile view

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