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I don’t have anything new as far as product is concerned to share with you today but I do have some changes that you might be interested in.


Front view of a group of people, dressed in red Krampus monster costumes, posing together in a small rock pit

Krampus gathering somewhere in Utah



We decided it would be entertaining to trip you all up and changed our sizing to a Small, Medium, Large type of platform for the bikes that tend to get muddy. I’m not saying that your Pacer doesn't get muddy from time to time, and I sure hope that your CrossCheck gets rode hard and put away wet- but just try and work with me a little okay? 

Here’s what that means:








Here are the changes for the 2013 model year lineup that I can remember off the top of my head. Specifications change from time to time, you know the drill.


1x1-Blackhole Black frameset

Big Dummy-No changes

CrossCheck-Micro Shift shifters with friction/index adjustability, colors for the complete build are Black-n-Wrecker, Blark Due, Frame/fork are Billy Jack Black, Hospital Foam, Blark Due

Disc Trucker-Super Dark Green is your only color choice, Micro Shift shifters with friction/index adjustability

Karate Monkey- Ultra New hubs front and rear, Poser Black, Mandrill-Mug are your colors for completes and framesets

Krampus-Soon my friend

Long Haul Trucker- Micro Shift shifters with friction/index adjustability, Smog Silver, Vader Black are the colors for completes and framesets as well

Moonlander- Ultra New 135mm Disc front hub, offset fork and added a 24”

Neck Romancer-Added a 14”, Nate 3.8” rear tire, Ultra New 135mm Disc front hub, Shimano SLX D Type front derailleur

Ogre-Black for the complete build & the frameset

Pacer-No changes

Pugsley-Micro shifters, Ultra New 135mm Disc front hub, added a 14”, Loaded Yellow and Engine Red for completes, Loaded Yellow, (Engine Red maybe) for framesets

Steamroller-Wave goodbye to a complete build of the Steamroller, available in Idiot-Black as a frameset

Troll-No changes to the build, Nurple Purple and Black for the complete bikes and the framesets

Trucker DeLuxe-No changes, the color is still Dave’s Frozen Tears


That’s all for now folks. Tune back in tomorrow and get a load of what Sov has written up for the Krampus.


Ride Hard.