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Andy Wood is a nifty height, five feet twenty inches. In his spare time, he farms and harvests fat beats on his high tech home computer. He hails originally from Durango, Colorado, where he rode mountain bikes and skied cross country, both of which he still does. He is Surly’s art director, and as such is responsible for balancing Surly’s more pragmatic pursuits, like the use of charts, with pathologically creepy and weird shit, like abandoned dolls. He is one of the three Andys who work here and is a founding member of Andyland.

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Winter Boot and Burning…

For all of you out there that ride flats in the winter, you know it is especially hard to find a good boot that has all the different features you want. One of those key features is a sole that works well with a pedal. The large tread in a…

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