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Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

Last week a few of us went out to Denver to co-host a bike-packing event with one of our dealers Salvagetti.  We road (or rather the lucky ones road, I drove the van with the kegs and demo bikes inside), camped, road and then camped some more.  It was a blast.  Beer, whiskey, campfires, campfire jumping, drunken lap dances, you know: the usual. 

The event was pretty sweet and we even got some folks out there who had never bike packed, and some who had never done it when it was so cold (15).  I got some great pics from the weekend and thought I would share them with you. 

Right side view of a Surly bike with gear, leaning against a tree next to a yellow tent, on a clearing in a forest

Right side view of a red Surly fat bike with gear, leaning against a tree in a forest, with tents set up behind it

Left side view of a green Surly bike with gear packs, leaning against a large boulder, with a forest behind it

Downward, front view of a person sleeping in a camp chair, food on foil sitting in their lap

Rear view of people standing in front of a Surly Bikes canopy, with bikes parked around, on a clearing in a forest

A forest hill with the sun above, shining through the pine trees

Downward view of a hilltop, with large rocks grouped together, looking down the pine trees in a forest


People sitting around a campfire at night

Dim, nighttime view of a person with a beard and wearing glasses

Front view of a person on the ground break dancing, next to campfire at night, with people standing behind them