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2 plank memories or something not entirely bike related

Well I’m balls deep in planning/forecasting/ordering Fat bike product for y’all for next winter and I’m feelin’ a lil like this:

And to my surprise a former co-worker was kind enough to post this on the ol face books….

…which got me thinkin I’m pretty photogenic! But, this photo also took me down memory lane a bit. You see, I haven’t always worked in the bike biz; I played at being a bus driver while living the ski bum life. The fella in the photo opposite me is Scotty Bob who did some cool stuff like product testing for the North Face’s infamous WoolTex which never made it to production but was a very fine fabric wink He now owns his own company and makes beautiful hand crafted skis. If you like to strap boards on your feet in the winter and turn em downhill you should check out his product at


Since we are on the ski topic I received this little nugget from another former co worker who has recently moved west to work for one of them ski/climb companies.

Sounds like Copper Mountain has changed a bit since I lived in the area?!

Well I better get back to throwing darts at numbers on the wall to see how many Nate’s we’ll need next winter…when I’m done I’m off do a little of this.

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