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There is a lot going on around the busy halls of Surly Intergalactic right now…but most of that would be yawn inducing in the least or "comatizing" in the most severe cases to the majority of you. We have been getting ready for winter tradeshow thrown by a "well known bicycle parts distributor" and the fervor is coming to a head as I type. But I digress…this is not the stuff of epic blogitude that you deserve. Instead I give you AWESOME SNAP DECK ART from a talented Karate Monkey owner by the name of "GrumbleNutt":

You too could add some Rad to your your Big Dummy for under a hundo. Face it; your kids have grown up and you have been digging into your Megadeth and Maiden records again. You need to make a statement that shows you still know how to rock. The artist says:

"They're clear coated w/ a 2 part enamel so they're weather proof. if you know anybody interested in a design for their Dummy I can draw just about anything they would want. I charge $85, which includes a new deck." Contact him @: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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