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I have been happy to realize over the years that within the shady subsets of cycling culture their exists a shadowy cult of cyclist who embrace the grimness of unholy metal with the same sincerity that they hold the bicycle close to their dark hearts.  From our inbox, usually laden with bike fit question and lambasts about color choices, I pulled this gem of a picture (Thanks Tim G!):

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T$ was born and raised in MPLS, MN. He does not own a car, opting instead for bikes and motorcycles to get around. He has a wide and varied taste in music, and once when he was young he filled a Super Soaker squirt gun with hot coffee and sprayed strangers on the street just for fun. Trevor manages our demo fleet, implements sales initiatives (acting as special concierge to many of our fine dealers) and tours the western reaches of the states in search of high adventure and intrigue.

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