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im - 8/23/2006 10:43:00 PM

I got to see my surgery incisions for the first time yesterday. While the bandages were off, I took the opportunity to get some pics of my new skin art. The white stuff is gauze fuzz, not mold…I hope. The bandages left a chicken skin texture on my ankle. Unfortunately, my flexibility isn't quite up to par, so I can't confirm that it tastes like chicken. Until I locate a qualified ankle-licking fetishist to identify the flavor, we'll just assume that it does, indeed, taste like chicken. I'll keep you posted. -----
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Dave Gray is a product designer at Surly Bikes and was the second employee to be brought into the Surly fold. Dave is the brain behind such products as the Big Dummy, Pugsley, 24 Pack Rack, and numerous other cargo related items. Dave has a penchant for carrying things with his bike many people would have difficulty fitting into their car. To say Dave knows cargo would be a gross understatement. Dave is like the mist, briefly descending, only to disappear into the forest again, but if you need to find him, head to the deep slop and listen for the sounds of freestyling. That is where you’ll find him.

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im - 8/24/2006 07:05:00…

Thanks Dave for posting the super-icky pictures of your ankle chicken. I can almost smell it from here. Did you actually think ANYONE wanted to see these? Pass the barbeque sauce please... -----

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im - 8/21/2006 06:00:00…

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