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Oh, for the luvva Pete... From old pal DP here in the MPLS: "My gf Katie had her 56cm green stock Cross Check ripped off from garage 37th and Bryant" Contact me if you know of it's whereabouts. Yeah, right. Speaking of bike theft this is a pretty good idea, assuming of course that you can survive the entire video due to terrible production value, the off-sync audio and video, the fact that this object is probably beyond reality for most people to implement, and (let's not forget this) that the narrator is inexplicably half naked. But once you get to his explanation of how this thing works to track and punish your thief, you have to admit it's visionary in a vigilante sort of way. ******* Late entry/addition to today's post, having nothing whatsoever (thank God) to do with bike theft, Steve-o from More!lando, Fla., is putting on a scavenger type ride. Go there, do that. More-lando Scabenger Race DESTROY ALL MONSTERS. -----