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You know, I don't post about every bike that gets stolen around here. It would be mostly futile, the bikes don't usually get found (though sometimes they do), and you'd get as sick of seeing these sorts of messages as I get hearing about them. But I know many of you share my deep dislike for bike theft. So when I read something like this, I get steamed. This is MPLS local: My friend Katie's son has a brain injury so he rides an adult trike - but some fucker stole it while he was at a park. Hendrix is a big boy and his parents finally had found a bike that fit him well, and this happens. And they really don't have any money. If you could keep an eye out for it, and spread the word, that would be awesome. If anyone has seen it, they can e-mail Katie at Thanks much. Here's the email I got from her: Here is a front view of the 3-wheeler that Hendrix used to ride all the time. It sits up higher than the chopper one that we have that needs repairs and was much more comfortable for his size. It was stolen from the stop sign on 34th and Pleasant Ave So. (Minneapolis) The bike is red, made by RETRIKE, has a small black pouch on the back seat and two plastic tubs were recently bolted to the back for carrying stuff. There is a hand brake on the left side and I believe it has 5 gears. Hendrix and I appreciate you sending out the picture to your cycling community. Trust me I look for it all the time when I'm out biking. Maybe just maybe someone will spot it. thanks again, Katie Hendrix's bike If you see this bike, consider following the lead of others who have confronted the rider, explained that they know whose bike it is, and given them the option of returning it or having the coppers called on their sorry ass there and then. -----