Bikes. Parts. Chaos.
So see, they got this bicycle film fest thing happening here in our fair MPLS JULY 9 - 12. That's, like, not very far away and stuff. 17 cities. It's getting big. Lots of movies, usually good too. All by itself that would be something. But wait, put that checkbook away. "Hey Andy, Just wondering if I could get a mention on your website about the scavenger race I'm throwing during the Bicycle Film Festival. I'm sure you'll be mentioning the BFF and all but if you do mention the race maybe you could link to my info about the race. All the info can be found here. I'm aiming for a low key fun race that anyone could do. So if you have some friends with older children this could be a real blast for them to partake in. There will definitely be some wacky and unique stuff going down during the race so spread the word. Thanks, Sven" So there you go. Ride bikes, see movies. Probably squeeze in a cool, refreshing repast too. Here's the MPLS Highlights list from the BFF website. See you there. Wednesday July 9 8pm/Bikes Rock Thursday July 10 7pm/Breaking Away 9pm/Fun Bike Shorts Afterparty at Pi Bar Friday July 11 7pm/Way Bobby Sees It 9pm/Les Ninja Du Japon Afterparty at Bedlam Theater Saturday July 12 1 pm/Scavenger Race (the scavenger race, not a movie called Scavenger Race) 3pm/Adventure For The Cure 5pm/The Six Day Bike Races 7pm/Road To Roubaix 9pm/Urban Bike Shorts Afterparty at OneOnOne Studio -----