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im - 7/02/2008 12:11:00 PM

Big Dumb Price Increases The good news is that we managed to squeeze in another run of Big Dummy frames. That's one whole production run more than we had originally planned. It is much easier to type about adding another production run of frames than to actually implement such a thing. We did it because of demand, because you people have embraced the Big Dummy and other bikes of its ilk instead of simply buying a somewhat more fuel efficient car. There are not enough thank yous to express how gratifying that is. So more BD frames are coming in a few weeks, and then late this summer we should get even more. The bad news is that steel prices and transportation costs have increased significantly of late, which means our costs are going up and so are yours. While the price increases will be felt across the line, there are a lot of people waiting on Big Dummy frames who may have paid a deposit already. If you are waiting on a Big Dummy, or if you are a shop that has quoted a price to a customer for a Big Dummy (or Long Haul Trucker for that matter), check in with whoever you need to and update your agreement. MSRP for a Big Dummy frame and fork is now $1050. It was $895. We've actually factored into this number another impending and definitely happening price increase so that we won't have to do this again anytime soon. So that's that. Again, this will affect the prices of everything we sell, but it should be of particular importance to those of you who have been waiting and budgeting and maybe even paid some money down at your local bike shop in anticipation of your beautiful new whatever... Big Dummy, Long Haul Trucker, what have you. Sorry to get all business but sometimes cold got to be. ************************************************************************************* Also today, The Ramstacker sends evidence that time lapse Dummy building videos are the new black. I'm just going to say that I vastly prefer the Twisted Sister soundtrack on the second one, but that is neither here nor there. What is important is that you should never EVER clamp any tube on any frame. Ever. Clamp the seat post, turn the damn thing upside down, do almost anything else. But DON'T clamp a frame tube or you might find yourself on the waiting list for a Big Dummy frame. Again. ************************************************************************************* Finally, our own pie plow, Aaron the 25d Ice Ogre with a recovery power of 50, sends this link, ensuring his place in society, which is to say firmly entrenched in nerditude. Man, that article was complicated. I'm not sure I finished it. Let's go get a taco. Thankyoudrivethrough. -----
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So see, they got this bicycle film fest thing happening here in our fair MPLS JULY 9 - 12. That's, like, not very far away and stuff. 17 cities. It's getting big. Lots of movies, usually good too. All by itself that would be something. But wait, put that checkbook…

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