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im - 1/26/2006 08:43:00 AM

Bender sends news of progress (?) in Aberdeen. It ain't much, but it beats the alternative. And then there's this. Tempting target? Yeah, I admit when I first saw the treadmill bike I was shaking my head, but then I explored the website a bit and gave in after reading the story of their couchbike adventure. A snippet: I should never have let us go that fast to begin with, but we had reached the point of no return. Because of the inconsistent dirt surface, I feared that braking hard could cause us to spinout. As the couch hurdled closer and closer to mach speed, all outside noises became muted. I could still here Eivind's last words. "I'm scared", he said. "Don't be scared." I replied with a calmness that was belied by my posture in the couch. I had assumed a sort of starfish stance on the cushions, my legs and arms spread out wide in preparation for attack from all directions. No sooner had I spoke those soothing words, than our worst fears were realized. One wheel jammed and the couch spun into a donut. The world swirled around us. Strangely, at that point, everything felt very calm. This was one smooth donut. heh heh heh. mmmmm...smooth donut.... -----
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