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When you go on a great adventure on your Surly, we like to hear about it. The true tales of the sweet singletrack rides, the weavy bar crawls, and the epic tours you all undertake make us all warm and fuzzy (well, genetics makes some of us fuzzier than others, but that's for a different blog.) Here's one from a dad whose son rode a Long Haul Trucker across the country. I won't lie. I got a little misty reading this one. Thanks Bill. "Hi guys: My son just recently completed a cross country journey on his Long Haul Trucker – going from Canada to Mexico. He graduated college in August and had been planning a long bike tour for some time – and planning his bike – the Long Haul Trucker. I'm very proud of my son – he choose the hubs, the spokes, the rims, the cranks, the gears, the brakes, the saddle, etc, etc, etc, and collected each component till he could build up his bike. My son's original plan was to tour from San Diego to St. Augustine – but hurricane Katrina changed that since Gulf Coast travels would be limited. Katrina hit the coast the week before my son was to leave on his trip – so a last minute decision was made to still cross the country but to it North to South. The good news was that his bike was ready to go, his gear was ready, the trip would be shorter and encompass some major cities. The bad news was that – this was the RAINY season. During parts of Washington and Oregon – my son had 28 consecutive days of rain! He arrived home (Maryville, Tennessee) just before Christmas. The bike was blackened by road grime and weeks of rain – but after a mild clean up – not a scratch on the frame. Beautiful paint job guys. Anyway – the purpose for this email was to send to you the article that appeared in our local newspaper today about his trip. The article opens with “It IS about the bike”, and then the article mentions the “Surly LHT” in several places in the text. The attached .DOC contains the text of the article and one of the photos that appeared in the newspaper. The electronic version of the newspaper has limited photos – but the actual printed article has several photos of my son's bike – fully loaded. I'm so impressed with my son's Surly LHT – that I'm going to order a “Dark Cherry Pearl Red” model once they become available to build up into an upright (albatross bars, Brooks B67 saddle) “do-it-all” bike. One fellow in California – a fireman – pulled up along side of my son during this tour and comment on his “cool bike” and asked him to stop in at the fire station down the road. It was raining – pouring down – yet the fireman recognized a cool bike when he saw it and recognized a soaking wet cyclist that could use some coffee. At the fire house – the fireman – actually the fire chief talked about the intelligent way the bike was set up (bringing affirmation to my son's component and frame decisions) and shared his own experiences about his touring bike and massively long distance rides (600 – 700 miles in 4 days). The fire chief went online immediately to check out the Surly LHT – he was not aware of the company nor the model – vowing that he was going to get himself a LHT. It was only later – when I tried to email this fireman to thank him for his hospitality to my son – that my web searching through GOOGLE – did I learn that this fireman – had trained with the Olympic cycling team several years ago – and that he won cycling medals in the “Fireman's” Olympics held in Barcelona Spain during the summer of 2002. Hope you enjoy the article! My son loves the bike! Bill “a father proud of his son” " Here's the link to his story Thanks Bill -----