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If you are a cyclist in the twin cities and you read blogs, frequent bicycle related websites, or have a pulse, you are by now probably aware that this Thursday, July 15, is Minneapolis Institue of Arts' 2nd annual Bike Night.  It was fun last year, and it looks to be fun this year as well, starting with a ride from Gold Medal Park (by the Guthrie) at 5.  If you can't make that, ride straight to the MIA where the shindiggery starts at 6.  There will be valet bike parking by Freewheel and Dero racks, safety check (BICYCLE safety check) by The Hub Bike Co-op, selected short films as the Bicycle Film Fest kicks off, plus a display from local custom framebuilders (Bob Brown, Capricorn, Paul "No Website" Wyganowski, Peacocktail Groovular, Vincent Dominguez, Curt Goodrich, Chris Kvale, and Speedhound).  Plus you might even win a Surly Long Haul Trucker.   But winners win by playing.  All the informations on MIA's Facebook page.  My god that was a lot of links.

 Science, sort of. This has no music, so I recommend you put on some Yanni while watching it.

For no good reason, here is aPicture of Ron Moffit, who is one of those people you meet on a bike and think "Cyclists are the coolest, hairiest, nicest, drunkest people on Earth."

Here is another picture of Ron, or more properly his back.  I think we're going to need more wax.

Here is a videosent by one Adrian Bostock, who can be seen shredding singletrack with his Surly 1X1 on his hometurf in The Shuswap, B.C., Canada.  This video also has no music but bike videos being what they are, it is sort of refreshing just to hear the sounds of riding and not someone else's idea of awesome music.

 And finally today, Jeff Lockwood interviewed our man Dave for Dirt Rag Magazine

No mention of mulch, Dave? The times they are a-changin'.