Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

We've all been taught that time is linear, that one event follows another, and that things that happened in the past will not happen in the future, unless they do happen, in which case they will have happened in the past once the future arrives.  There is no point in debating this.  It's part of the reality we share.  Despite being confined by the concept of time as part of the human condition, I sometimes find myself prescient in a moment that has not yet occurred, as well as looking back on the present from a future state that I've projected myself into.

While sitting on the plane on my way to Japan this summer, in anticipation of another Surly Japan Tour, I closed my eyes and imagined what Andy, Adam and myself were about to experience.  While I was unable to project myself into a specific moment in the future, I was able to anticipate many of the emotions I would experience in the coming days.

Time has slipped away since the tour ended and I'm only just now getting around to posting this.  I'm not going to tell the story in long prose, but instead here are a bunch of photos I took. I hope you like them.  Also, I hear that Wood is working on a video project from this trip, so you can look forward to that.


After landing and clearing customs I headed straight to an aiport kiosk to buy some crisp and refreshing chu-hi beverages.

First stop was Fukuoka, and on the first day we did a group ride with our adoring fans.

Every Surly blog post should include the obligatory boring and predictable photo of someone giving the finger to the camera.  Here's mine.

We did a mask ride in Fukuoka as well.  Here's a pic of some of the masks that participants made.

Here we are at Mac Cycles in Fukuoka.

And here we are at Sputnik Bike Shop in Fukuoka

Here's Andy drinking Japanese tea.

Here is Adam arm wrestling with a friend we made in Nagoya.

Here is Adam at Wakka Bike Shop talking to folks about our bikes.

We did another mask ride with a bunch of Surly riders and Wakka Bike Shop in Inuyama.

After the ride, Wakka hosted an awesome party.  During the party a Big Dummy rolled up with a Japanese taiko drum on it.  Here the drummers are performing for the crowd.  It's one of the coolest moments I have had.

Rie made the whole tour possible.  Here she is offering me some ice cream and sweet potato.

I wish I had this Toyota Corolla.  That would be sweet.

We went to see sumo in Nagoya.  I had never seen it in person before, so this was a really great experience.

We went to Kyoto for a day to visit our friends Takuya, Chie and Muga.  They hooked us up with bikes that were too small for us but made it much easier to get around.  I wish I had a photo of Adam riding the kid-sized bike we borrowed.

In Tokyo one night Adam and Andy posed in the street while I took artsy photos.

This is the bike I rode while I was there.

Many thanks to everyone who came out to ride with us, the bike shops that hosted us in such style, and to Motocross International for arranging a great tour.

Next year we'll be back for Single Speed Worlds.  Hope to see you there!