United States



Alexander Zidarevich
International Sales Manager

Where did you grow up?
In a small town that you’ve never heard of. A place with a lot of trees, land, mystery, imagination, and wetland, a place that shall remain un-named. That very fact alone will drive you to the brink of insanity – the residents of this small town will suffer the same fate.

Interests? Hobbies? Do you even have any?
Never paying a man to do a job I can learn to do myself, chopping wood, things with 2 wheels, building things, renovating the house

Who do you think you are, anyway?
Tell me who you need me to be today. I’ll probably laugh but at least I’ll listen. Some people need that kind of thing.

Top ten factoids about you that even your co-workers may not know. Go.

  1. This is the start of something
  2. Movie: Monster Squad
  3. Book: Moby Dick
  4. Food: Biscuits and Gravy
  5. Drink: Bourbon
  6. This is Number 6
  7. Horses freak me out
  8. I learned to swim last year
  9. I’m frequently quite flatulent
  10. This is the end of another something

Who or what influences your behavior and why?
Past experiences, family, weather, alcohol, coffee, exercise, the golden rule, my wife...

What would you say your job is around here?
Guy near the window in the northwest corner of Doom and Apathy. I also work to expand the steel horizon on a daily basis.

One sentence to say what you want to. Go.
Kick Wolfman in the nards.