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Bikes. Parts. Chaos.

Adam Scholtes

Product Manager, Enginerd, Master of Chaos

Adam Scholtes a.k.a. Atom

Where did you grow up?

Dubuque, IA. Midwest river town.

Interests? Hobbies? Do you even have any?

Building stuff. Jumping stuff. Home remodel. Wood working. Commuting. Metal fab. Old motorcycles. Debating the many facets of child rearing. Jumping bikes. Finding ways to not drive my car. Sustainable living. Smoked meats. Doing things myself. Vegetables. Taking the long way. Gravy. Getting my wheels off the ground. Homebrewing.

Who do you think you are, anyway?

Love this question. Last time you asked for bio type stuff you asked “who are you?” and I responded “who the fuck are you?!” Good times.
I’m a jerk. I call it like it is. I’m largely unapologetic, unless I really screwed up. Then I fix it. My behavior, that is. Really, I’m just a guy trying to make cool stuff I like.

Top ten factoids about you that even your co-workers may not know. Go.

  1. My eye color changes.
  2. I enjoy black & white photography, the analog detailed process is really enjoyable.
  3. Every day I struggle with the fact that I make stuff that contributes to the circle of consumption. This is a strong motivator in accessing the value of what I do and if I (or Surly) should be making the stuff I (we) do.
  4. Heavy metal. All day long.
  5. I prefer winter camping to summer camping. No bugs. No fire danger.
  6. I’ve shrunk 2” in height in the last 10 years. At this rate I’ll be 5’6” when I’m 70.
  7. I haven’t drank a glass of cow [or other animal] milk in over 13 years.
  8. Pool parties in the desert are the only way.
  9. I don’t wear deodorant/antiperspirant. Rubbing a paste in your armpits is gross. Try showering. That shit’s way better.
  10. No.

Who or what influences your thinking and behavior and why?

The book Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. Anyone out there making their own shit, or doing it their own way. My sons.

What would you say your job is around here?

Product wrangler. My job/goal is to insure that equal energy is spent exploring new boundaries of what Surly product could look like while curbing the tendency to get too much done, to ensure time is spent riding. Conscientious objector.

One sentence to say what you want to say. Go.

Perspective makes all the difference, try looking at your world from a new place; you just might learn something about yourself.