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The Karate Monkey was one of the first production 29ers. It put the 29˝ platform in front of a lot of people at a price within reach of many a bike nerd. Since then 29-inch has become a full-blown category, with entire bike companies dedicated to the platform. 29˝ wheels offer some benefits over the old standard 26˝ wheels. They deliver increased traction, smooth out terrain, carry inertia and generally fit tall riders better than 26˝. The Karate Monkey helped set the standard for 29er geometry. Its rear wheel is tucked in, keeping it nimble and maneuverable. The bottom bracket height maintains ground clearance while remaining low enough to ensure stability. The toptube slopes, keeping the headtube up for good fit and to allow the use of an 80mm suspension fork, while supplying good standover clearance for your little friend.

The frame and fork are made of custom designed Surly CroMoly steel and delivers a resilient, lively ride, yet it’s durable too. The horizontal rear-loading rear dropouts have a derailleur hanger, so you can run derailleurs or single ring and cog drivetrains. Singlespeed it, make it a fixed gear or run an internal geared hub. It runs disc brakes, and has clearance for rotors up to 200mm. Tires up to 2.5˝ will fit. Bitchin’. Curving trails through tightly-packed trees, negotiating rock ledges on mountain sides, pounding out back roads, or just pointing it into the underbrush, the Karate Monkey is willing, ready and able. It’s a trail bike for going “that direction,” whatever that direction might be.